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EXP Rate150x

Drop Rate100x

Penya Rate100x

Emergency Maintenance

-Jewel Socket for Mythical Yggdrasil Weapons are now five slots instead of one
-PVE as well as PVP can now be obtained from Jewel Socket (Fix)
-All Jewel socket is now the same (no unwanted low and high stats)
-TEMPORARILY REMOVED Mythical Weapon additional Effect
-Summer FUN box can now be bought for only 100 blue crystal instead of 500
-Summer FUN box has been transfered to Julia (Flaris)
-MAX REBIRTH INCREASE it is now 10 instead of 7 with fully working Reward system
-Behemoth items are now organised at Boboku
-Admins will have the title ADMIN instead of Owner/Developer
-Only Loretta Woulleman will have the title Owner/Developer

1st RB: Event Reward: Seven Kingdom Armor Set (M)
Event Reward: Seven Kingdom Armor Set (F)
2nd RB: Seven Kingdoms Cloak (200 All Stat, IA + 100%, Lucky Box +2)
3rd RB: 30 Red Chip Perin & 50 Perin
4th RB: Premium Cloak
5th RB: 10,000 World Tokens
6th RB: Premium Wing
7th RB: 12,500 World Boss Coin
8th RB: Limited Edition Looter Pet (2,000 All Stat Pickup Pet)
9th RB: 15,000 Colosseum Token
10th RB: 13,000 All Stat Spider

Please note Rebirth Reward will automatically inserted when you reach certain level (90)

For all this to be in effect Kindly download this patcher and patch your client

Publish date: 06-20-2019, 20:59 Time

PATCHLOGS (06-19-2019)

New Item:
Summer Fun Box (may contains full Mythical set and Weapons and lot more)

Added Speed Awake
Birthday Acce and World Acce effects swap
Exp Acce now tradeable
Burr pet is now tradeable
PVE is can now be obtain from Jewel Setting
World Accessory now cost 50,000 World Boss Coins

- Re-Vamped RB System (See Below)
New RB Rewards/System:
Initial Level to 200- (Rebirth 0)

Lvl 15:
Freebie Looter Pet
300 Freebie Coupon

Lvl 200:
3 Event Reward: Scroll of Rebirth Level-Up
Birthday Accesories

Rebirth Rewards:

1st RB: Event Reward: Seven Kingdom Armor Set (M)
Event Reward: Seven Kingdom Armor Set (F)

2nd RB: Seven Kingdoms Cloak (200 All Stat, IA + 100%, Lucky Box +2)

3rd RB: 30 Red Chip Perin & 50 Perin

4th RB: Premium Cloak

5th RB: 10,000 World Tokens

6th RB: Premium Wing

7th RB: 12,500 World Boss Coin
Limited Edition Looter Pet (2,000 All Stat Pickup Pet)
15,000 Colosseum Token
13,000 All Stat Spider

Publish date: 06-19-2019, 11:28 Time

Changes (06-16-2019)

Added Pets

Added Normal Behemoth Weapons on Boboku

Added Raised Pet Awake Removal
Scroll of Model Removal
Scroll of Element Change
7% and A cards can now be bought at NPC

Mythical Scrolls is now obtainable at Darkon 3 Mobs

Awakes increase from 100x3 to 110x3

Mythical Scrolls is now obtainable at Collecting Area

Mythical Items can now be obtain from Collecting Area (low chance)


Publish date: 06-16-2019, 08:14 Time

Minor Update

all rates has been increase
-exp rate x500
-rate x200
-penya rate x500
-mythical item rate x200

flyff seven kingdoms set added as freebie (level 200)

minor glitches / bugs fix

a major will happen on wednesday (june 12,2019) the maintenance will last for 3-4 hours. if you have suggestions kindly message the owner on facebook

Publish date: 06-06-2019, 02:40 Time

PATCHLOGS (06-02-2019)

Minor Changes

-All Weapons Model (Model 1 to latest) has been added to Flaris Mayor

-Remove RCP on Stay Connected Event

-Be online for an hour and get 5 Mythical Scroll

-Added Quest Item on RC Store (Protection Store) for you to level up your guild

-Added Donate Looter Pet on Rebirth Store

Publish date: 06-02-2019, 03:47 Time


We have received a reports in which the /cjob is working however the Class skill is not working properly.

We will fix it in coming maintenance.

You can also Troubleshoot the Problen
-Use only cjob ONCE A DAY
-Upon using /cjob it is recommended to restart entirely the FLyFF.

Publish date: 05-29-2019, 14:51 Time

New Patch!

Free Job Change for a Week
-Type in /cjob (Charecter Job)

Character Job Namaes

Regal/Azurite/Emerald/Dark Fashion set and cloaks are now tradeable

Experience Accesory set is not Tradeable so be aware before buying

Looter pet reverted to before in preparation for making it faster

BP asal adjusted (might need additional Checking)

Kindly download this and patch your client

Publish date: 05-29-2019, 05:04 Time

Patch Logs

experience rate was increased from x100 to x300

mythical scroll was increase from x5 to x15

sk dungeon cd was return to normal

looter pet bug fix

kindly download this and paste to your client.

Publish date: 05-27-2019, 03:18 Time

New Patch!

[Boss Drops]
Red Meteonyker
-Red Chips
-Donate Cards

Farmer Island Changes
-Remove some of the Trash Drops

Pick-Up Pet Changes
-Looting speed was doubled

Map Changes
-ReTexturize almost the entire map
-Guild Siege area was changed
-Arena area was changed

Item Changes
-Added Mythical Equipments (level 200 items)
-Added Looter pet that gives 3 line of attribute
-Added Experience Accesory Set (+2000 Exp Rate) = NPC Token Exchanger
-Added Mythical Weapon Effect (Will take effect when Mythical Weapons are being Used
-Suit can now be Pierced up to 10

Skill Changes
-Bp's Asal
-RM's Rhisis Shield
-Arca's Eva Storm

Event Related
-You will get 1 RP for every hour you are online

-Mythical Item Guide-
Mythical Yggdrasil Weapon = God of Death Ankou (Behemoth) and Mighty Kalgas
Mythical Yggdrasil Set = World Boss

Boss listed below drops Cluster Scrolls (may be use to buy Mythical Weapons)
-Queen of Thorns
-Polluted Queen Entaness
-[Terror] King Chiton
-[Abyssal Terror] King Chiton
-Expert Silverwing Harpyness
-[Giant] Harpines
-Beast King Khan
-Cursed Desmodon

Publish date: 05-26-2019, 02:11 Time

Patch Note

Ringmaster Skill Revamp
-Spirit Fortune

Retta's Birthday Event has now stop

Red Chip Perin on Collecting area

Seven Kingdoms Armor Set
-Remove Block Rate
-All stat added from 300 to 700

Raised Pet Stat Changed
-From All STA to ALL STAT

Kheldor Cloak and Looter pet now available at Arena Manager Ray

Kingdom Weapons (Donate Behemoth) can now be bought from NPC:Boboku

Please earn as many Red Perins as you can it to Exchange on Donation points Starting on Sunday's Maintenance

[Website Related]
We use a different website files for our new files

When Registering Rules and Regulation will popup on your screen

Remove Farm Island Ticket on vote Shop

Publish date: 05-22-2019, 04:02 Time